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Cherupushpa is an event management company started its journy from 1998. We have a team of spirited, passionate people who had the desire to do it right. We are making your memorable moments unforgettable. We are the experienced event planner in Thodupuzha. We transform the venue to design a fairytale signature space, so you will enjoy a magical, extraordinary and breathtaking day. We provide all kind of wedding and other event services.

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Nambyaparambil Arcade
Near Pulimoottil City Square
Idukki Road Thodupuzha-685584

Aarel (Kuriyedath) Building
Near St.Augustin's Church
Vengalloor-Kolani bypass

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Mobile: +91 994 648 48 71
             +91 808 668 88 33
             +91 964 591 51 91

994 648 48 71